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This kit fulfils all your adhesive needs and makes choosing the right glue for the right job easy. It contains three fantastic glues, a mosaic cleaner and a hand cleaner, as well as easy to follow instructions and links to YouTube tutorials. 


250ml bottle of Prep Multi-Use Adhesive

A strong adhesive that sets completely clear.

A small pack of Optima by Ardex (repackaged by Artopia)

A very strong two-part white adhesive that can be used under water.

400gm pack of Sculpt &Stick (S&S) created by Artopia

A strong exterior grade versatile white cement-based adhesive.

250ml bottle of our ‘magic’ Mosaic Cleaner, created by Artopia

An all-natural cleaning product that really works!

1 bar of pumice soap, hand made by Artopia Spirit.

An all-natural nourishing soap that helps remove glue residue on hands without harsh chemicals.

A set of instructions and charts showing you what glue to use and when.

YouTube video links that demonstrate everything!